KaprunSigmund-Thun KlammAT
POINT (12.75 47.25)
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Marian Kret

Have you ever thought about how much power water has? Then visit the Sigmund-Thun Klamm in Kaprun region of Austria and you will see what the water is capable of in this rocky region. Klamm means gorge in German. You will walk through wooden ladders, enjoy small waterfalls, rainbows (if it's sunny) and fresh air from the Alp mountains. Climbing the ladders takes cca. 1 hour and at its end you will reach a lake 'Kapruner Ache'. You can walk around it and come back to the gorge again. It's great 1 day trip, accessible from village of Zell am See or Kaprun in cca. 20-30 minutes.

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