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City of Rhodes, is the capital of the island of Rhodes in Greece. It has been famous since antiquity as the site of Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Unfortunately, an earthquake demolished this wonder and today, only two pillars remind us of it's existence (look for them by the harbor entrance). The City of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once you enter the city walls, you get a feeling you are in medieval times - lot of markets, little shops, gardens and villas. You can enter some of them and just sit in the shadow, enjoying the atmosphere.

It's history reflects it's architecture, where you can find christian and islamic architecture. Main sights are:
Grand Master's Palace (15th century)
Knights Street
Acropolis of Rhodes
Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent
Medieval walls, created in the mid-14th century on a previous line and remade after the Ottoman siege of 1480 and the earthquake of the following year. In 1522 Suleiman entered the city from the gate of St. Anastasius
Gothic buildings in the historical upper town.

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