POINT (-8.2478796 37.0890719)
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The Albufeira beaches is probably the best that you can try in Portugal. First advice : don't go during the month of August. There are too many people and and the prices go too high. Probably the best is around the second week of September, when still very warm, and you have a lot of place in the beach ;)

Do you like dolphins, seals, tropical birds, an amusement park and a big swimming pool...everything in just one place ? I'm sure you wont miss the Zoo Marine !

If you're looking for a place to stay, I found the Veiguinha houses :
I stayed there for 4 days with my family, and it cost us around 160 euros...Too cheap !

If you want to explore all the beaches in Albufeira, I advice you to rent a car.

Enjoy ! ;-)

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